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"Coaching Interactive has been an almost mind-blowing experience for me! The possibilities for self advancement and goal attainment are endless - I’m being challenged daily, but am in control of the process. I am thrilled to be changing my life in this way and absolutely thrive on the support and input from my personal coach. It’s amazing!"

Annie Watsham

Are You An Influential Leader?

Identify how influential you are as a Leader

Your ability to influence others at work, at home and in your community determines the degree of your leadership qualities. The ability to influence is a great tool that can be further strengthened and refined. It requires an understanding of where your power lies and to what degree it matches the situation. After knowing about the source of your power, you can maximise its use more effectively and in the most appropriate way. This will in turn enhance the scope of your influence as a leader.

Noteworthy components of effectual leadership can be summarised as understanding your own leadership preferences, being open to experimentation, assessing your true level of genuine power, defining clearly the goals you wish to accomplish and knowing your audience.

Being in a position of authority is primarily one of responsibility. The level of authority you actually hold, and what type of people you lead and in which type of environment depend on the position that you hold.

You are a senior manager in your company, you have your set of duties to perform and lead the team for achieving the set goals. The questions that might arise are - Are you influential enough to give you the expected results? What is the best way you can influence the young leaders in your organisation to develop into potential leaders? And, are you contented with the way your team looks out to you in times of emergency?

You might also sometimes be tempted to engage in a coercive style of leadership when it's not absolutely necessary. Remember that forcing others to do things through the use of threats never works, regardless of how you view the situation.

You can probably build a stronger leadership presence by sharpening the skills and knowledge that are vital to your area of leadership. Make better use of the principles of reward and motivation; develop your soft skills to improve your interpersonal attractiveness, etc. This will magnify your influence as the liking of people toward you will surely increase.

Rightful power may be inherent in your role; you may understand the principles of reward and motivation; you may be able to take command when needed; and you likely possess some high-level skills and knowledge.

A leader who takes the time to listen to what others have to say is always appreciated by people. It's very motivational when someone gives you that respect and that respect is usually reciprocated. This is the start of great leadership.

There's always a scope of improving. Stay true to yourselves; learn to be even more outgoing, extrovert and more dynamic in a wider variety of circumstances with a wider range of people as it will help you to improve the leadership skills and your influence as well.

As individuals, you are bestowed with the ability to learn, grow and enhance every aspect of your abilities. By taking full advantage of this, you will make the most of each new day and further your success.